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Hello world!

I’m so proud of @eva, she did an amazing job handling all the work/pain!❤️

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Took an early car ride with @eva through the beautiful winter landscape to the . Time for the scheduled labour induction. Wish us luck!

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@ru I don't know what you consider visually appealing but I've been a happy user of since 2013. But I just noticed that they've increased the price to $5/month, I'm still on a $2/month plan.

They've also open sourced the code:

Well hello there 📱🎶

Good to know that the new monitors works while preparing a new server.

@magnus919 do it! It’s fun to have your in instance 🌮🐱

@maique exactly how I feel. But I guess they're not payed enough to care

Setting up Datadog monitor after monitor. Preparing the launch of the North American stack of Teamtailor.

@ru oh right, they’ve have changed their pricing model since I bought it. 😞
I’m on their test flight now and everything is free there 🫣

@ru are you looking for a regular photo editing app? My favorite is Darkroom. They’ve got filters and a lot more stuff. Works great with the photo library on iPhone. They have also shared a lot of community filters on their social media accounts.

Been playing some Red Dead Redemption 2 after the kids finally fell asleep. Now time to upgrade this server before bed.

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nice - Joe Lycett has called out David Beckham over his £10m ambassadorship in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in a week's time

@40Below I think the mom watched too much Simpsons when she was expecting 😛

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