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I’m so proud of @eva, she did an amazing job handling all the work/pain!❤️

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Today is Father’s Day in Sweden. The family served me some hot chocolate for breakfast and gave me a bag of scratch cards.

Photographed my pregnant wife @eva as she enjoyed being able to sleep in a little longer in the morning for once.

I also updated my blog with these photos: jonas.brusman.se/late-morning/

Got myself a small and cute little Totoro plush for my desk at the office.
And I can’t complain about the view, much better than the previous office where we didn’t have any windows.

The kids went on their first trick or treat walk today. They had a blast and only thought it was a bit scary with one neighbor’s over the top decoration and effects.

There are only 43 days until @eva and I are expected to become parents for the third time. 🎉 Looking forward to be raising a girl for the first time.

But we, the parents, will also be outnumbered by the children 😱😂

Casually applied some silicone on the new worktop in the laundry room. I feel real handy 😅🪚🔨

Got an alarm about low disk space on my Mastodon server.
Turns out a Mastodon server cached remote media. I just removed over 20 GB by running `tootctl media remove --days=7`

Bought myself a SD-card reader for transferring photos from my to my iPhone. A bit inconvenient compared to the built in wireless transfer feature but so much faster, plus you get RAW images as well compared to JPG only over Wi-Fi.

Should have bought this years ago 🤷‍♂️😊

A from late summer last year. Went on a super short sail trip with the product team from Teamtailor.

“169 HOURS, 43 MINUTES” and the Heroku-GitHub incident has still not been resolved.


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